Public Speaking VR Tutorial With Teleprompter

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Yesterday, we learnt how to create VR image gallery with lighting effects.

Public Speaking VR

Demo | Source

To create simple public speaking experience is easy. It just requires a 360 video. We’re going to make it better by adding a teleprompter to our scene. That way we can practice our speech properly.

Adding 360 Video

You can refer the 360 video tutorial to learn how to create 360 videos viewer.

The basic idea is to create SphereGeometry with MeshBasicMaterial, with video as the texture.

Adding teleprompter in VR

We’re going to use PlaneGeometry with a Canvas as texture. We’ll animate our text on the canvas so that it acts like a teleprompter.

To fit the text into our canvas, we use canvas.measureText.

To move the text like a teleprompter, we’re going to use context.translate. You have to use the following inside the animate function.

Note that you shouldn’t forget to include texture.needsUpdate = true inside your animate function. Without that, the text won’t move.

Once the whole thing is done, you’ll be able to see your text with the 360 video. You can change your text to anything and practice public speaking in virtual reality. You can check out the demo to see the final result.

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