Lensflare in VR Tutorial – Add lensflare to your 360 photos or 360 videos

This is part of #DaysInVR series. View All VR Projects. Yesterday we saw how to create fireplace in WebVR by adding 360 photos, objects and shaders in WebVR. Today we’ll learn how to add lensflare in VR scene.

Lensflare in VR

Demo | Source

Creating lensflare is simpler than you think. We’ll be creating a VR scene with a 360 photo and positioning our lensflare where we want.

Adding 360 photo in VR

On day 1 of 30 VR projects in 30 days, we saw how to add 360 photos in vr. We’ll use the same technique to add 360 photos into our scene. You can also add a 360 video to VR.

Adding Lensflare in VR

To add lensflare to your scene, we’ll be using the native THREE.LensFlare to create our lensflare.

Now we can position our light anywhere we want by using its x, y, z coordinates. After figuring out where you want the lensflare to go up, use the addLight function to add the lensflare.

If you look around the scene now, you’ll be able to see lensflare in VR.

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