Announcing RemixVR

TeliportMe is happy to announce that we’re part of UNICEF Innovation Fund. As part of the Innovation Fund, we’ll be building RemixVR. You can read the news on UNICEF website here.

RemixVR is a VR tool for learning. It is a platform for sharing VR templates from which users can create different VR experiences by changing different options. Students will be able to use this tool to learn complex topics in VR. Students will also be able to create their own customised VR experiences from the VR templates.

Take for example, learning about the solar system — you can view the solar system in VR and get to see how the planets rotate around the sun. You can also change and customise the experience (e.g changing the 360 background) — which makes learning more interesting.

We got the confirmation that we have been selected for the Innovation Fund just a few days before. Since then we’ve been excited to share this news before we embark on this journey.

We’re grateful to UNICEF for choosing us for the Innovation Fund. If you would like to follow along the development of RemixVR, you can follow along on Github.

The whole project will be developed under an open source license. We’ll be using WebVR for creating the experiences. This also ensures that the VR experiences are available across the different VR platforms.

Here are some screenshots from the VR experiences from RemixVR.

If you have any questions you can reach us out at

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